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Kintaro “the Golden Boy” is a folk hero that is known far and wide across the islands of Japan. Although his origins and legends differ from town to town, what always remains constant is his bravery and kind heart. Each of Kintaro’s tall tales share a similar theme – a selfless and brave child helps all he meets from various burdens, obstacles, and perils.

Kintaro Cells are the result of a formulated enhancement of BM-MSC – larger in size, greater in quantity and quality, derived from young and healthy donors, greater vitality of cells, engineered in sterilized clean rooms with cutting-edge technology, handled only by certified specialists. Only when these special conditions are met does our product received the “Kintaro Cells” seal of approval, ensuring our product upholds a Golden Standard that keeps it above other BM-MSC products.

The role of KINARO CELLS in regeneration of the body

Kintaro cells are cells with the unique capacity to self-replicate throughout the life of an organism and differentiate into cells of various tissues when prompted by the appropriate signals. The role of Kintaro Cells is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they reside. In the event of major injury or degeneration, the need for MSCs far exceeds the amount found in the tissue. Kintaro Cells BM-MSC yield great potential for repair and regeneration