Our unique BM-MSC Kintaro CellsTM are grown in a clear cultured medium. As the Kintaro Cells grow and multiply, they produce unique nutrients and proteins which remain in the medium. After the Kintaro Cells are extracted, the medium has been “ENRICHED” by growth factors and cytokines created by the Kintaro Cells. 

Kintaro Cells Enriched Medium

Introdution video


How to use

Home use

• Spray or Cream 1 ml – daily.
 Face mask 5 ml – 2 times a week. 
 Scalp 15 ml – 3 times a week.
 Hands 2 ml – daily. 

Professional use

Apply 5 ml in 5 min after:
• Laser therapy, sonic or manual massage. Make application for 20 min.
 Before treatment use gel for mesoporation. 

Face application

•You must first wash your face.
•Next, spray KCTM Enriched Medium on your face or hair, avoiding the eyes and lips
•It is recommended to use daily in the evening after shower.

Face mask
•You must first clean your face.
•Take special cloth to mask (or a cotton disk), to apply 5 ml KCTM Enriched Medium and apply on face, avoiding the eyes and lips. •After 10-20 minutes rinse with water.
•Use 2-3 times a week. The result is visible after 2 weeks.

•You must first clean the face.
•Take a moisturizing cream, add 1 ml of KCTM Enriched Medium, mix and apply on face.
•It can be mixed with a cream or gel for eyelids.
•It is recommended to use daily in the evening МESOTHERAPY
Face, scalp, hands.
Recommended 1 – 4 times a year. 


Marc, 28 y.o.

The results from KintaroCellsEnrichedMedium application were visible not only for me, but also for the people around me, after a few weeks. Honestly, it was beyond my expectations! My hair grew and became really thick.

Maria, 44 y.o

After the first mask application on my face, my skin felt like a baby skin! Smooth and silky. Three -four days until the next facial mask, this effect didn’t change. I haven’t experienced such results before from any cosmetic products, even the most expensive ones.

Camilla, 39 y.o

My hair started to fall a long time ago, so I’ve tried a lot of products already. I hope that Kintaro Cells EnrichedMedium will help to solve this problem. What surprised me: I saw the result after the first procedure and it was not only visible ones. I plan to actively use this cellular medium for several months. It definitely reduces hair loss and improve their appearance.

Illia, 40 y.o.

After cellular medium injections, I finally got rid of the consequences of the chronic disease. I do a lot of business trips throughout hot Asian countries due to my work, and after one of these trips to India this happened to me. The doctor, certainly, prescribed a course of antibiotics that I should take during few months, but it didn’t help. But Kintaro Cells EnrichedMedium really helped me and I can recommend this remedy to everyone. "