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Denys Bilko

Ph.D., Associate professor. Specialist in cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, GMP manufacture, biosafety and biosecurity, laboratory design and construction, regulatory requirements, risk analysis and quality management.

Professional Experience

Dr. Denys Bilko obtained his bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and biotechnology in Kingston-upon-Hull University, United Kingdom, and have followed his biological career in leading institutions of Germany (Max Plank institute of Psychiatry, in Munich) and in Ukraine (Taras Schevchenko University in Kyiv), where he defended his dissertation of the molecular biology of intracranial tumours.

Dr. Denys Bilko pursued both academic and technological aspects of theoretical and practical biology and biotechnology, undertaking many certification programs related to project management, good manufacturing practices, quality management and regulatory requirements.

His broad practical experience at national and international levels allows for broad and comprehensive understanding of the subject development, production and testing of the cell and tissue biotechnology and product development according to complex of GMP, GLP and GDP practices.

Vast experience in the field project management, planning, concept development, construction, commissioning and validation are among his key unique skills that combine academic understanding with technical and regulatory requirements when it comes to laboratory planning.

His main interests are development of modern scientific approaches in the field of regenerative medicine and re-programming of stem cells and their practical application. GMP production of cell based products (ATMP). Biosafety and biosecurity concepts. Quality management systems: development and implementation. High-tech approaches to the organization, planning and execution of complex projects in the healthcare and laboratory sector. Development, adaptation and implementation of the regulatory framework in the field of health care in accordance with the achievements of science and technology and modern security requirements and compliance to international legislation.

His academic achievement includes 2 monographs, 40 published works, 39 abstracts and 5 patents