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The three methods of administering Kintaro Stem Cells® treatment are the Intravenous Method, Local Administration and Exterior Application of Kintaro Enriched Medium on the face and body. While these are various methods of treatments, the best results as observed over the 1200 stem cell treatments provided to patients in Southeast Asia is derived from the combination of all three methods of administration.


Intravenous Method

Proven as the simplest and least invasive form of treatment, the Intravenous BM-MSC Cellular Therapy effects itself upon the body through the homing effect. The injected stem cells enter, migrate and differentiate in the targeted direction of damaged parts of organs and tissues in the body to repair them - all without surgical or endoscopic interventions. It is recommended that Kintaro Stem Cells® be introduced into the patient’s body at intervals of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, depending on their diagnosis by medical professionals from Kintaro Cells Power.


Local Administration

Local administration of Kintaro Stem Cells® include the use of Mesotherapy treatment and acupuncture. Mesotherapy is a targeted tropical introduction of biologically active substances via multiple injections into the skin. Working directly on damaged areas of the body, Mesotherapy has become one of the most efficient and popular non-surgical cosmetic manipulation methods to date.

Kintaro Stem Cells® can also be infused into the body through specific acupuncture points that facilitate blood circulation more efficiently. Doses and frequency are dependent on age, skin conditions, size of the treatment area and combination with other methods. It is recommended for the Kintaro Stem Cells® to be introduced to the patient’s body for 1 to 6 times per year depending on the diagnosis of the patient and the condition of time.


Exterior Usage

As the Kintaro Stem Cells® grow and multiply, they produce unique nutrients, peptides, and amino acids which remain in the medium. After the Kintaro Stem Cells® are extracted, the remaining medium that has been “enriched” by growth factors and cytokines is obtained as Kintaro Enriched Medium, a beauty essence for exterior application on the face and parts of the body.

Kintaro Stem Cells® can be applied using all types of cosmetic applications to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin:

1. Home Applications: On the face, neck, scalp, hands and body

2. Professional Applications:

  • Using machinery to introduce Kintaro Enriched Medium deep into skin pores
  • Incorporating the Kintaro Enriched Medium into cosmetic procedures
  • Using the Kintaro Enriched Medium with complex skin care programmes

Treatment Restrictions


Kintaro Cells Power representatives ensure that you are well taken care of before, during and after your KINTARO STEM CELLS® treatment.


  • No alcohol for 3 days

  • No intensive exercise before treatment


  • Pregnant women

  • Lactating women

  • Cancer patients

Possible Side Effects

  • Some patients may experience a temporary fever for 4 hours

  • Symptoms are temporary and subside within 1 day