Founded in 2011, Kintaro Cells Power developed a unique formula combining over 50 years of Russian medical research and cutting-edge Japanese modern scientific breakthroughs to harness the power of Mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells are the building blocks of life that possess the unique ability to heal different parts of the body and generate new tissues for damaged cells in the body.

Kintaro Cells Power sees as its primary mission to bring the highest quality of stem cell treatment to end-users to rejuvenate, increase life expectancy and, most importantly, to improve the best quality life for all at every stage of life. Kintaro Cell treatment centres on the extracting, harvesting and growing of Mesenchymal stem cells and keeping them alive for transportation and infusion. These stem cells, primarily derived from bone marrow, are primitive cells that exist in our bodies for cell renewal and replication, reduction of inflammation, cell differentiation and the facilitation of specialised organ functions. Kintaro Stem Cells® are live stem cells primarily sourced from healthy human bone marrow donors. Other common stem cells such as dead stem cells (as illustrated in the infographic below) are less effective with limited growth factors and shorter benefits. Kintaro Power’s live stem cells however, are cultivated in its laboratories and injected fresh into the patient’s body within 48 hours of harvesting, which makes them more effective and long-lasting.

The regenerative function of Kintaro Mesenchymal stem cells allows for the repair of larger organs in the human body. Kintaro’s use of live stem cells produces more effective cells that promote sustained health results and potentially help treat serious illnesses for the long run.

Treating Serious Illnesses

Kintaro Stem Cells® possess a pathotropic effect where they specifically seek out damaged cells to replace them. When injured, the body activates these cells to distribute and “settle” at damaged sites, where they generate new tissues and replace damaged cells to restore organ functions. Aside from the ability to self-replicate as normal living cells do, Kintaro Stem Cells® possess a differentiation potential that allows for the regeneration of distinctive cells for specific bodily organs. In the case of diabetes for instance, these Mesenchymal stem cells can replicate and introduce more cells specialised in insulin production to aid in the regulation of the pancreas and lower blood sugar in the body to healthy levels. Its regenerative function also replicates and produces new live cells that replace diseased cells with healthier ones, repairing large body organs such as the liver and kidney to restore its normative functions.

Increasing Life Expectancy and Quality of Life for All

Kintaro Cells Power’s primary mission is to increase the duration and improve the quality of life for all through the clinical introduction of modern cellular technologies. Studies have proven the decrease in quality stem cell production with age. Kintaro Power’s stem cell treatment, with its regenerative and rejuvenating functions thus allow the prolonging and increasing the quality active period of one’s golden years. Kintaro Stem Cells® infusion inputs approximately 200 million stem cells into the body, returning stem cell levels to an equivalent average of a 15 year old will make beneficiaries feel and look visibly younger. Unlike common stem cell therapy where stem cells are extracted for reinjection into the donor’s body, Kintaro’s modern harvesting methods, founded on old Russian medical research, creates the optimal climate for the reproduction and replication of new stem cells – the epitome combination of sciences old and new. These new stem cells then enter and activate the recipient’s own stem cells, which transform into fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin. It naturally renews the skin, repairs damaged cells and revitalises tissues and organs, bringing your body back to the time when age was truly just a number and wrinkles or crows feet were unheard of.

Unlike other conventional stem cell treatments available, Kintaro Stem Cells® treatments are 100% natural and have been tested over 2500 clinical trials worldwide to carry zero risk of cell rejection. Recent scientific studies of stem cell youth treatments have also proven stem cell effects last 2-3 years longer than other youth treatments. Combining the workings of cutting-edge technology and longstanding scientific research as a biological miracle, Kintaro Stem Cells® treatment is undeniably one of the rising game changers in the industry – a combinative breakthrough of sciences old and new.

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