Frequently Asked Questions

Stem cells are special cells in the body that can duplicate and transform into bones and muscles. There are several types of stem cells, however Kintaro Stem Cells® are primarily Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) extracted from the bone marrow of young and healthy donors.

Kintaro Cells Power has combined the best of Japanese technology for the production of MSC for health, beauty, care, revitalisation and slowing down of aging.

Kintaro Cells Power was established in 2011. The production process is based on more than 50 years of Russian stem cell research. The company has since performed more than 11.000 successful treatments. Kintaro Cells Power has also amassed more than 20 certificates and patents, showing that the stem cell research and technology is recognized by leading institutes worldwide.

Kintaro Stem Cells® aim to improve your quality of life. Kintaro Stem Cells® are able to revitalize your body and increase your overall well-being from the inside.

Kintaro Stem Cells® uses MSC as these stem cells are highly sought after due to its unique properties. MSCs have high plasticity, enabling them to produce a different system’s stem cells. MSCs can also differentiate into cells of different adult tissues such as the bones and cartilage.

Kintaro Stem Cells® uses MSCs from bone marrow, extracted from vetted healthy donors. Live cells are cultivated in our laboratories and injected fresh in the recipients within 48 hours of harvesting.

Kintaro Stem Cells® can be used by individuals aged 18 and above. Kintaro Cells are able to treat various diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, liver disease and neurology problems. Kintaro Cells Power has conducted more than 11.000, benefitting many patients worldwide who have reported significant improvements in their health and quality of life. *Pregnant and women lactating, as well as cancer patients should not undergo the treatment.

Patients are recommended to seek advice from medical expert and at Kintaro Cells Power, there are specialists that will advise patients on the range of treatments in accordance to their age, health status and other requirements.

Patients will be diagnosed to see which treatment is best suited for them.

Patients are required to stay away from alcohol for 3 days and restrict themselves from performing any extensive exercise before the treatment.

Depending on the method of treatment, Kintaro Stem Cells® enter the body and activate their own stem cells. These cells then transform into fibroblasts, which produces collagen and elastin that renews the skin. The pathotropic effect of the cells can replace damaged cells and revitalise tissues and organs.

While there are various methods for treatment, the best results observed are a combination of intravenous introduction of Kintaro Stem Cells®, local administration and exterior application of the Kintaro Stem Cells®.

  • Intravenous Method – Intravenous introduction of Kintaro Stem Cells® are able to enter damaged parts of organs and tissues and repair them. Kintaro Stem Cells® have angiogenic, antiapoptotic, antioxidant and mitogenic effects.
  • Local Administration – Mesotherapy is a popular non-surgical cosmetic manipulation. It is very effective in producing results – works directly with problem areas of the face and skin. This is suitable for younger clients and can be introduced in the acupuncture points.
  • Exterior Usage – Kintaro Stem Cells® can be applied for all types of cosmetic applications to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. Through home applications, it can be applied on the face, neck, scalp, hands and body.

It is recommended to introduce Kintaro Stem Cells® into the patient at intervals of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, depending on their diagnosis by medical professionals from Kintaro Cells Power.

Patients may experience some side effects after the treatment. However, at Kintaro Cells Power, there are representatives that will ensure that all patients are well taken care of.