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Key Milestones

Kintaro Stem Cells® Power has combined the best of Japanese technology with a long illustrious track record of Russian research and is bringing the revolutionary power of Kintaro Cells to many more individuals who are seeking rejuvenation and a better quality of life for themselves.

Over the years, there has been a high demand for stem cell treatments with more than 1200 conducted in Southeast Asia.

The term “stem cell” was first proposed.


The Medical Radiological Research centre (MRRC) was established in Russia.


Mesenchymal stem cells were first discovered by Alexander Yakovlevich Friedenstein.


Dr. Anatoly Konoplyannikov, Head of Cell and Experimental Radiology Therapy Department at MRRc conducted more than 5,000 clinical trials for mesenchymal stem cells.


Kintaro Cells Power CEO Alexei Gladkov establishes AV-Cells in Singapore and adapts stem cell technology from MRRC for the Southeast Asian market.


Singapore Lab is established for stem cell production.


Company is renamed Kintaro Cells Power and more than 200 successful treatments are performed.


New branches are established in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia.


Joint research project established with Tokyo Medical University on the difference between young and old stem cells. Achieved first patent for ‘cellular cultivation method’ Opening of offices in Cambodia and Dubai Trademarks approved in Japan, South Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines and Vietnam.


Application in progress for patents. New lab and office in Hong Kong.